Expert: David Tuck

David Tuck began his career with Deloitte where he became a chartered accountant and chartered tax adviser. Thereafter he headed finance teams for Fever-Tree, which IPO?d in 2014, and, the social network, both of whom sold on payment terms. In 2013, he co-founded Chaser to build software to help businesses automatically chase up their customers to pay their invoices on time.

Articles by David Tuck

Our invoicing expert: Chaser co-founder and CEO David Tuck

Hi, I'm David Tuck, the co-founder and CEO of Chaser. Chaser are tackling the scourge of late payment to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Our online software enables an SME to automatically carry out the polite persistent chasing of customers that gets invoices paid on time. In doing so they boost an SME's cashflow and save them time from having to chase manually. more»