Expert: David Poole

David Poole is managing director of sales, UK South at FedEx Express and FedEx UK. FedEx Express is the world's largest express transportation company, providing fast and reliable delivery to every US address, as well as more than 220 countries and territories.?

Articles by David Poole

micro multinational

The rise of the micro multinational

As a micro business owner, going global can feel like a challenging prospect. But operating this way allows small firms to spread out the costs of manufacturing and still create products efficiently. By having some business components overseas, your micro enterprise can wield international influence. more»


Why innovation is the answer to productivity problems

In our increasingly global marketplace, companies of all sizes need to remain at the cutting-edge of technology and use creative energies to stay competitive, now more than ever. A thinking outside the box? mentality is something that should be embraced across all sectors in order to allow small companies in particular to compete on a level playing field with larger global players. more»

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