Expert: Chris Barez Brown

Chris is a British author and entrepreneur. He is best known for his books ?Free! Love Your Work Love Your Life?, ?Wake Up!,? and ?Shine?, and was Penguin's bestselling author in 2014. His work has also been covered in mainstream press including BBC, The Guardian, GQ, The Sunday Times, and various other publications. In 2010, Bar?z-Brown established the consultancy Upping Your Elvis. UYE collaborates with Nike, Unilever, Britvic, Diageo, The Guardian, Mediacom, ITV and a host of others to supercharge the energy and creativity of workers. His tone is very personable and we have a range of material on energy, talent development, retention, reward and a host of other stuff.

Articles by Chris Barez Brown

Coming up with great ideas

10 steps to sparking your best ideas

If there is one question that is guaranteed to come up in conversations on creativity, it is Where do you have your best ideas Having asked that question to thousands of people over the years, I can say that topping the Inspirational Moments? chart is taking a shower, swiftly followed by walking the dog, lying in bed, travelling and running or cycling. more»

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