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The ten best startup ideas for under £10,000 you can launch today

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The Freelance Hairdressers Association represents the interests of independent hair stylists
  1. Freelance hairdresser

There are estimated to now be around 150,000 freelance hairdressers operating in Britain, enjoying the flexibility and freedom outside of regular employment in a salon.

If you think you’ve got the dexterity – and the commitment to build up a contact book and work long days under pressure – the London Hair Academy offers entrance level training courses starting at £7495.

  1. Brexit consultant

Despite drawn-out Brexit negotiations, it’s likely that businesses will be required to overhaul numerous internal structures and systems once Britain officially leaves the EU. With this likely to be a pain-point for many company decision makers, it does create an opening for entrepreneurs with a passion for consultancy to step into.

Accountancy giant KPMG has already appointed a “head of Brexit” into its leadership team, so experts in areas from tax to employment law could benefit from a surge in demand for a Brexit specialist to guide firms through the changes over the coming years. 

  1. Personal trainer

Personal trainers are usually self-employed, but can work under contract with gyms or fitness studios
Personal trainers are usually self-employed, but can work under contract with gyms or fitness studios

Demand for personal trainers is booming among fitness-conscious Brits. According to one study, 23,000 personal trainers earned £635m in the UK in 2016.

However, joining this growing legion requires at least a few months of training. The Level 2 Gym Instructor course is considered the starting point, and will set you back around £800.

  1. Domestic services

While Uber continues to dominate headlines for all things gig economy, on-demand platforms like TaskRabbit have given the British public a more convenient way to access service work.

For a £4,000 investment, you could begin offering your services as independent industrial carpet cleaner, or invest a little less into a pressure washer or professional lawn mower.

  1. Home catering company

Starting a catering business could represent one of the most cost-effective options on our list, provided you have a strong cookery background.

Working from a home kitchen is even a possibility for smaller events and buffets. But, the law still requires small caterers to meet all the same food hygiene and safety regulations as any large catering kitchen. The Food Standards Agency offers a step-by-step guide to starting a new catering business. 

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